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Discover How To Soften Your Beard Or Stubble

Beard growth is a process that requires care and attention throughout every stage.  Softening the stubble in the early stages of the beard is equally as important as caring for the beard as it gets longer. The Soft Goat is a new grooming tool that softens that stubble and keeps your loved ones happy throughout the growing stage. It is specifically designed to soften those short hairs as they grow in, making intimate sessions more pleasurable for all involved.

Because the hair on your face is somewhat different than the hair on your head, caring for your beard requires a modified set of instructions. It is important to keep your beard clean and well-conditioned. For this task, simply use the same shampoo and conditioner on your face as you do your head. If your beard is partially or fully gray, conditioning is key because gray hair can grow thicker and more bristly than colored hair. In addition to cleaning and conditioning, keeping your beard well maintained is essential. Also, try pre-shave oil as an emollient for the skin and hair, making them soft to the touch. Unlike creams or lotions that penetrate only the skin, the oil coats every hair, giving your beard extra moisture and smoothness.

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